NH67 six-lane Karur to Coimbatore expressway should be for every Indian

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  • New NH67 Proposal:

NHAI (National Highway Authority of India) has dropped the approved and partially worked proposal for widening the existing Coimbatore to Karur-NH81 road from two-lane to six-lane (116 KM).

Now, NHAI  is working on an altogether new six-lane (NH67) road alignment of distance of 114 KM from Coimbatore to Karur of state Tamil Nadu. The newly planned road is land marked on parallel to 5KM south off existing road.

Why do we need two parallel roads? one is toll free another is toll road.

  • Problems in the newly proposed road NH67(parallel to NH81) 

1. Public transportation will not improve and road not planned for people.

The townships in the existing road (Palladam, Pongalur, Avinashipalaym, Kankeyam, Vellakovil, and Thennilai) were evolved (still evolving with global standards) over centuries and huge population is living in these townships and alongside roads connecting to Tiruppur. More than 500 state government owned buses ply on everyday (30000 passengers) on the Coimbatore to Karur. And these buses have to run across all these townships and cannot make use the newly proposed road alignment. As a result, the travel time and ride quality will continue to be the same for the general public. 

2. Emergency service cannot access the newly proposed road

The newly proposed road is access controlled with limited entry/exit (every 25KM). Emergency services like fire service, ambulance and police can not access this newly proposed road, this is unacceptable.

3. Strong People Discrimination

This will create a strong discrimination among the people. For example, luxury cars and big corporate trucks plying between Coimbatore to Karur will pay the toll and make use the newly proposed road. (Passenger buses will continue to ply on the existing road) Is this road is only for luxury commuters and corporate trucks? Not for other citizens? This will create a social distress in the society.

4. Tiruppur originated east and west bound traffic is ignored 

Existing road has vertical connection roads to the export city of Tiruppur which has a lot of medium to heavy weight industry establishments radially originated. Traffic(buses, cars and trucks) originated from southern Tiruppur to either Coimbatore or Karur cannot access the proposed road. Because from Tirupur (smart city) to the newly proposed road distance is significantly high(30KM). More importantly, the present  traffic will happily continue to use the existing road rather than travel extra miles to reach the new road and the existing road is toll-free.

5. Agriculture Destruction

The newly proposed road will destroy hundred thousand trees, predominantly coconut trees, fertile land in the PAP irrigation basin. Already, the several thousands of coconut trees are destroyed due to severe drought. This movement will further reduce the coconut production and thereby negatively affect the people in several aspects. Is this a greenfield project?

6. Newly proposed road will not be opted by commuters

Since there are two parallel roads, commuters will continue to choose the old road which is toll free. Therefore, the utilization of the newly proposed road will not be maximized.

7. Less Traffic, Less Revenue for NHAI

2200 crores is planned for the newly proposed road and the newly planned road will attract very low traffic. To be invested money is in not commensurable. And the newly proposed road will not address the current burning needs of the people.

Alternative suggestion:

Implement the already approved and partially worked on six-lane proposal (widening the existing road) which connects all townships from Coimbatore to Karur (Palladam, Pongalur, Avinashipalayam, Kankeyam, and Vellakovil).