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Ban illegal snake killing for tourist purposes, entertainment and consumption in Vietnam

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This petition is a desperate bid in an attempt to STOP and BAN a community in Vietnam called SNAKE VILLAGE in a village known as Le Mat from killing thousands of innocent snakes.

It is a village 7km from the centre of Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam.

Snake Village is known to locals and tourists as a place where snakes are bred and collected, and then used in restraunts where the snakes are tourtured and killed in the most barbaric ways and then prepared and served to be eaten. 

For as little as a few dollars, people can watch their chosen reptile killed in front of them, with websites advertising and bragging about chewing the beating heart of the snake out of its body and then consuming the drained bile and blood from the snake. The snake is then cooked and served to make many different edible dishes for humans to enjoy. 

On visiting the restraunt consumers chose their snake from cramped condition cages and watch as a worker slices the snake in front of a live audience. You are allowed to pay and chose as many snakes as you like, all heading to the same deadly fate. You can then drink the snakes blood and bile and then dine on the remains of the deceased snake.

This act of animal cruelty is dispicable and has been going on for many years now entertaining thousands of tourists daily and must be stopped. 

The detailed description of how the snakes are maimed and killed is beyond words and is a cruel heartless and dispicable act towards these beautiful reptiles. 

If you would like to see it for yourself you can visit and search for hanoi's snake village of le mat. Or google the same thing and see how many websites advertise this act. 

How it is allowed to go on is baffling! And to be used and named as an entertainment trip is shocking. 

Animal cruelty in any shape and form must be stopped. Animals are innocent, and do not deserve to be ill treated in any way. Please help end it today by signing this petition so it can be drawn to the attention of the right people and something done to get justice for these poor harmed animals.

After visiting Vietnam this year i saw myself how animals are cared so little about. Snake village was something offered to visit and is advertised in many local guides about Vietnam. This is not something that should be glamourised and encouraged so please please help us to do something about it.

We did not and would not visit this village but I am asking for it to be brought to the attention of people who can do something about it.

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