With 3 words you can give all sentient animals a life they enjoy

With 3 words you can give all sentient animals a life they enjoy

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Sentient Animal Law Foundation started this petition to NGOs and

Do you believe that animals should have a life they enjoy, rather than just endure?

We do too - and with 3 words you can make that vision a reality.

Here's the current situation: Existing "anti-cruelty" law does NOT protect animals from all pain and suffering. Wherever anti-cruelty law considers that the animal's suffering is  "necessary", then the practice causing the suffering is "lawful". 

There are at least two major problems that exist as a consequence of outdated law that takes responsibility for just one half of the animal's life experience:

  • The first problem is, "necessary" is interpreted very widely and consequently permits, for example, practices that confine animals to a lifetime in cramped cages, painful surgical procedures without any pain relief (on the basis of cost), and a wide range of increasingly questioned uses deemed lawfully necessary for human convenience and entertainment. 
  • The second problem with outdated law and outdated practices involving animals is that, because of the inseparable connection between animals and people on our shared planet, the "minimum baseline standard of animal care" has serious consequences for people as well. 

"Nothing changes unless you change law's duty of care".

  • Simply recognising animals as sentient predictably fails to result in meaningful change because the sentience 'label' doesn't change people's responsibilities ('duty of care").
  • Without updating the duty of care, animals will continue to be confined in cages, transported in cramped conditions, have body parts removed without pain relief, and treated more like commodities than creatures that feel and experience ("sentient"). 

That sounds dramatic because it is. But it doesn't have to stay that way. In fact, by replicating what's ALREADY BEEN DONE in one government, you can extend the law's current duty of care - which shifts people's actions - and therefore makes a difference to the daily life experience of animals - right now. 

The Sentient Animal Law Foundation (www.sentientanimallaw.org) knows how to update the law with 3 words that fit seamlessly with our current legal system so that it applies responsibility for BOTH halves of the animal's life experience.

With just 3 words, you update the law so that ALL animal caregivers must (a) continue to protect animals from cruelty AND (b) also provide them with opportunities to experience comfort, interests, and pleasures.  

  • Can you remember seeing an animal play, seek shade, stretch and move around, or any one of a number of other things that clearly made that animal happy?
  • You can be part of making it "the law" so that ALL animals get to live like that - not just 'the lucky ones". 

Sentient Animal Law is founded by experts in animal law, public law and law reform which means Sentient Animal Law is uniquely positioned as legal experts regarding how to write a law that really works in practice to improve the daily life experience of all sentient animals.

  • We work alongside NGOs on how to speak with one voice for the law reform that removes long-standing barriers to achieving their organisation's objectives.
  • We collaborate with governments and industries demonstrating how the 3-word law reform meets today's social licence requirements.
  • And we are the means of putting your voice alongside the thousands of people who expect modern law to do more than just protect animals from cruelty.

This law reform is NOT just a paper theory. The law reform has been implemented in Australia and we're looking for your help in replicating that success. 

So, for a practical way to improve the life experience of animals today, and for generations to come, JOIN US  -  add your voice to those calling for an update to the law so it gives a life enjoyed not just endured. (www.sentientanimallaw.org)

0 have signed. Let’s get to 500!
At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!