Strict Implementation of the laws against rape .

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As we all know rapes are increasing day by day in our country and no strict punishment is there for those people. As responsible citizens of this country I want all of you to support me in writing this petition to the government of India. Now its not the time to do candle marches, if we really want to do something about this we have to raise our voice and make sure that it reaches the heigher authorities. Please help me sign this, we are the public and have enormous power with us which the Indian Constitution gives to us, ur little support can save many daughters of this country.  Although Marital rape is the most ignored one which should also be taken into consideration . DEATH PENALTY is the best solution for this but after proper investigation so that no innocent people become unnecessary victims of this .People wo don't have courage to bring the change must not talk about it either. If you see something wrong have the courage to take a stand. I know this only can't bring the change, we have to do lot more on personal levels also, but its a starting and I need as much support as possible. TOGETHER WE CAN BRING A CHANGE