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To voice out for the troubled minds of the children in the society.

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In a system where childhood stress is neglected and considered as a myth, we try in bringing about a positive and revolutionary impact among the minds of all by our NGO Mardava.

Mardava means kindness, which is our weapon in bringing about change.

To bring about change from our end we have been doing the following things:

1. We provide counselling sessions not just with the children but also with the families in order to create a possible understanding among the parents as well.

2. We have online chat centres on our web sites where in children can anonymously or otherwise talk with us and we can provide them with solutions or help.

3. We encourage families to interact more with the children and establish a relation where the children can speak up and get themselves help required at the right time.

4. We aim in reaching out to as many children as possible, as in the end a happy child is all that draws a smile on our heart.

All of this and much more for a happy, healthy and creative child whose rights are protected and honoured in a society that is built on respect for dignity, justice and equity for all.

For every sign-up to this petition, it would help our NGO to work more prominently and function well knowing about the goodwill and support from your end as well. You can also contact us on the below stated email address or number to volunteer us on our projects. Thank you.


Call us :022-133883 022-111663

Write to us : mardavasanstha@help.

Mardava: "A step towards peaceful minds."

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