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Say NO to Hauraki Gaining Rights in Tauranga Moana!

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Hauraki Claims to Tauranga Moana
Why are we protesting?

Our mana and rangatiratanga over our rohe is being challenged by Hauraki and the Crown.

The Crown and Hauraki are planning to sign the Hauraki Collective Settlement that includes rights to Hauraki in Tauranga Moana. We suspect that the objective is to sign the deal before Parliament closes for the 2017 General Election.

The Hauraki Collective includes 12 Hauraki iwi who are located in the Thames/Coromandel region.

If the Settlement is signed with the rights to Tauranga Moana included, these 12 iwi will gain the right to have a say in local decisions. At present there are 3 iwi in Tauranga, with the introduction of the Hauraki Collective, there will be 15 iwi to deal with in Tauranga.
What is Mana Whenua?

The ability to influence and exercise control and guardianship of the land, as a result of take (rights) and continued use or occupation (ahi kā)
Where do Ngāi Te Rangi, Ngāti Ranginui and Ngāti Pukenga assert Mana Whenua?
We assert mana whenua from Waiorooro in the north to Te Awa o Wairākei in the south including the harbour and its waterways, the inner and outer islands and territorial sea.

What is our objective?

To uphold the mana and identity of Ngāi Te Rangi, Ngāti Ranginui and Ngāti Pūkenga in Tauranga Moana by ensuring that all rights offered to Hauraki iwi in Tauranga Moana are removed from the Hauraki settlements and that a tikanga process takes place to resolve issues iwi to iwi without Crown interference.


What we need to be doing to achieve our objectives?

- Continue efforts to inform our iwi members and the local community.

- Continue to put pressure on Ministers to support the removal of rights to Tauranga Moana from the Hauraki Settlement.

- Continue to engage with uri of Hauraki and seek their agreement to park Tauranga Moana redress and engage in a tikanga based resolution process.

- Continue to seek the support of other iwi and hapu who are experiencing similar issues with Hauraki.

- Continue in the Waitangi Tribunal.

- Political Protest and direct action against the Crown and Hauraki.

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