To get Ken Riley inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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Ken Riley spent 15 productive years in the National Football League as a converted cornerback after playing quarterback in college at Florida A&M.  He played his entire career at the Cincinatti Bengals and while his teams weren't always good, he excelled.  He ended his career with 65 interceptions.  This includes 1976 where he got nine interceptions in only fourteen games...that's one every other game.  He maintained that excellence throughout his career, leading the league in interceptions most of the years he played.  Every player in the NFL who has more interceptions than him is in the NFL Hall of Fame.  There are several already in the hall who had less than him.  He is content that he might never make the NFL Hall of Fame, but that is a travesty.  He deserves to be recognized with his peers for his excellence.  We are convinced that people really just don't know the stats, which speak for themselves.  There are players who "specialized" in interceptions who have made the hall (definitely no need to call names), but they have less and some significantly less interceptions than Ken Riley.  I ask the committee to end this torture for this man and consider lacing him with his well-deserved gold jacket.