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Tell the NFL that they need to change how they deal with issues of domestic violence

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For the past twenty to thirty years, the NFL has dealt poorly with issues of domestic violence. After the Ray Rice scandal, Commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL announced that "in the future, any NFL employee, including nonplayers, would be suspended for six games for a first offense of domestic violence and a minimum of a year for a second offense". NY Times reporters Ken Belson and Bill Pennington argue that "just three out of 10 players who were potentially affected by it have received a suspension of that length" (Belson & Pennington, 1).

As part of a Media Ethics course that I am taking at the University of New Hampshire, I have devised a system that the NFL could implement to help them deal with domestic violence with justice and integrity. I am proposing the use of a three pronged task force that meets and deals with cases of domestic violence within their league. This task force would tackle the problem from three different viewpoints. The first branch would be comprised of NFL Representatives including the commissioner of the league, the head of Communication & Public Affairs, the head of Business Affairs & Legal,  and the head of Football Operations & Player Personnel. The second branch would be comprised of Player Representatives including the Executive Director, the President, and the Assistant Director of External Affairs of the NFL Players Association. This branch would also include the lawyers, management, and coaching staff of the player whose case is being reviewed. The third, and most important branch of this task force are the third party representatives. Included in this branch would be lawyers, doctors, domestic violence experts, psychologists, and marketing and branding experts. Each of these branches would work together as one cohesive unit to make sure that cases of domestic violence in the league were dealt with with integrity and justice, as well as build upon existing domestic violence rules and create new domestic violence rules and regulations in the NFL. 

The NFL has millions of dedicated fans nationwide, and they have a moral obligation to send the message to their fans - many young boys and young men - that domestic violence is not tolerated. 

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