Stop Stadium Standing - and stop blocking my 5G signal

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Clint Patterson
Clint Patterson signed this petition

I have Verizon 5G. I paid good, hard-earned money for my new 5G smartphone, and I pay an extra $10 per month to Verizon for 5G access. And, I now get a 5G signal in parts of several NFL stadiums, which is great when I’m able to catch a game. But when people stand up in front of me or do the wave, it blocks the signal and I'm knocked back down to 4G again. I’m PAYING for 5G but only GETTING 4G.

Why should your cheering and spirited arm movements deprive me of the thing I paid – and continue to pay – so much of my money for? It's not fair. It’s not right. And, I demand economic justice. So I am calling on the NFL and these stadiums to ban Stadium Standing – including the wave – at ALL events they hold. After all, you’re selling SEATS. For sitting.

5G is the future, and unless we put a stop to this now, Stadium Standing will plague every Verizon customer – and there are a lot of us – for years ahead. Join me in calling on these stadiums and the NFL to STOP STADIUM STANDING!