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Dear Judge Brody, United States District Court, Pennsylvania; Roger Goodell, NFL; DeMaurice Smith, NFL Players Association-

We are writing to request that the NFL Concussion Settlement disability assessments immediately stop using RACE as a "recommended" factor in determining baseline cognitive function, specifically scaling black and brown players as having "lower cognitive function" to start, therefore having a harder time than their white NFL counterparts meeting the requirements for disability.  It is disgusting and racist at its foundation, and used to deny more claims from black players (70% of all players).  Physicians have stated on the record that they are pressured to use this racist scale even when they know its unfair or they face being removed from the assessment team. We also request that the NFL be required to show demographic information on who has been determined to be eligible to date. This racist system has been purposely used by the NFL to DENY black and brown players fair and equitable compensation for brain trauma and cognitive injury from the years of playing in the NFL.

Additionally, we request that you remove Chris Seeger as the players' attorney of record.  He received over $100 million in the class action on the backs of these black and brown players.  Then, behind closed doors, agreed and now defends the choice to include race bias in disability determination. Further, this was never stated in the legal settlement documents so that players and their representatives could understand that this money would be distributed more easily to white players than to black players.   It was egregiously hidden on purpose.  We demand that you choose an impartial attorney of record, one that will fight for the rights of ALL players, not just the NFL and their deep pockets.

Very truly yours,

Dr. Amy Lewis, D.Ac. Dipl. Ac., wife of former NFL player