Suspend Tom Brady, Sanction New England Patriots

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For too long over too many seasons, the New England Patriots have created an aura of being "above the rules" of the NFL.  The unspoken team mantra of "If you ain't cheatin, you ain't tryin" is well-known around the league by players and fans alike.  Season-ticket holders pay thousands of dollars a year to watch their home team play, and assume that the rules will be abided by fairly by all the teams, and that if those rules are broken or flaunted that there will be repercussions.  Even fans who do not go to the games in person support their team with their hearts, voices AND dollars in merchandise and other purchases.  We all expect rules violators to be punished, whether individually or by the team as a whole.  Over the years, the punishments levied to the Patriots have been woefully weak.  This has emboldened them to continue to flaunt and break league rules, and to become more brazen about it.  While no "specific proof" is available, the circumstantial evidence is overwhelming.  While Robert Kraft might not have been directly involved in the specific instance, he has allowed his organization to create a personality of acceptance of rules violation.


The league MUST finally act decisively.  The NFL MUST send a clear message to the New England Patriots AND the entire league, and assure the fans of the NFL fan that the integrity of the league will remain strong.  Tom Brady should be suspended for a MINIMUM of 6 games, the team should incur a MAJOR fine and loss of future draft picks, and Robert Kraft should be suspended from attending a determined amount of home games. 

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