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Rename both the NY Jets & NY Giants to the NJ Jets & NJ Giants since neither play in NY.

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To the NFL and all NFL owners:

Please change the names of two of your franchises to the actual state they currently play all of their home games in.  

For both the New York Jets and New York Giants, why aren't they named the New Jersey Jets and New Jersey Giants, respectively?  Neither team plays any games in New York State unless they're playing on the road against the Buffalo Bills.  All of their home games are played in the State of New Jersey.

For example, if the Cardinals played all of their home games across the border in either New Mexico or Nevada, would you still call them the Arizona Cardinals...or would you change their name accordingly?  What about the Panthers?  Would you still name them the Carolina Panthers if they played all of their home games in Virginia?  The most recent example is with the LA Chargers.  Is there a reason why they did not retain their name as the San Diego Chargers?  Yes, it's because none of their home games will be played in San Diego.  Insert any other NFL team into the same situation, and the answer becomes obvious and redundant..."don't name teams with a state that they don't ever play home games in."  Please give credit to the state and / or the city closest to the stadium WITHIN that state by naming franchises accordingly. 

I understand and respect history and tradition, but why does the NFL continue to discredit the entire State of New Jersey by completely ignoring the fact that they have 1/16th of the multi-billion dollar industry playing in their back yard?  Why not call a spade a spade?  Is it because the feelings of fans may get hurt?  Is it because jerseys, helmets, and promotional items would need to be redesigned?  Those seem like extremely small prices to pay back to a state that has been hosting two NFL franchises for a very long time...around 33 years for the Jets and around 41 years for the Giants.  Please give credit where credit is due...long the State of New Jersey. 

Please sign this petition if you agree and consider emailing, tweeting, calling, etc your respective NFL owners in order to help make this happen.

Thank you for reading and signing in order to change these names, and please share with everyone you know.

Very respectfully, 

Looney Kooney



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