Petition Jeff Bezos to buy a majority stake in the Washington Redskins

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Robb Crocker
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Let’s get a real owner for the Redskins. Amazon owner Jeffrey Bezos is interested in buying an NFL team and Dan Snyder loves money more than life itself, the team, and the fans. I’m sure they can strike a deal that will make everyone happy.

Dan Snyder has had enough time at the helm of this to prove that he’s just not that good of an owner. It’s ok, Danny. We all fail at some point in our lives, but now Dan is taking the team and it’s fan down with him.

Jeff Bezos will bring a new energy and business savvy to the team. He will also find the best experts to run the operation. After all, Amazon and the Washington Post keep him busy enough. 

Let’s continue to keep the good times rolling in the District of Champions. 

Join my cause. Bezos for Owner!