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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell needs to go!

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To:  The National Football League Owners

We, the undersigned of this petition love our country far more than we do any sport or sports team and are demanding the resignation or firing of Roger Goodell as the Commissioner of the National Football League.  Goodell’s s indifference and outright arrogance to fan reaction and the doubling down in favor of protesting NFL players is a slap in the face to the fan base that built the NFL.   Goodell is actively injecting a political agenda into a game that people watch for entertainment and telling fans that they have to agree with his extremist political views.  Goodell has not been swayed by fans outrage over the players conduct and disrespect for the National Anthem and instead has embraced a radical ideology that flies in the face of the very image the NFL tries to project. Goodell’s callous disregard to the fan outrage is clearly evident in his denial that NFL ratings decline are linked to fan outrage over the players political conduct. 

A recent public opinion poll conducted by the Remington Research Group clearly proves Goodell’s tone-deaf attitude towards the NFL fans. The survey indicates that nearly 70% of all Americans oppose the players protest and 80% of all Americans want to see politics removed from sports in general.  The poll indicates that 51% of the fans are watching less football than before and the overwhelming, number one reason for the viewer decline, with 69% of Americans agreeing is "Players using the NFL stage for their political views."  Since Goodell does not want to listen to the fan base it is time to send him a messaged that he needs to go!  Now!  

A message to the NFL owners:  Once Goodell is gone, there needs to be an acknowledgement that the players protests were wrong and will not be tolerated in the future.  We don’t want to hear “it was time to move on” or “this was a mutual parting of the ways.” 

We also do not want to hear any more of the lame excuses or rationalizations like Pittsburgh Steelers owner Art Rooney II stated in his letter to Steelers fans: “The intentions of the Steelers players were to stay out of the business of making political statements by not taking the field.”  However, as anyone who understands logic realizes, the Steelers, players, coaches and organization made a political statement by not taking the field, as did the rest of the players who participated in this farce.  We have no more patience for the NFL’s doublespeak. 

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