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NFL should change their name

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relating to a nation; common to or characteristic of a whole nation.
"this policy may have been in the national interest"


   National Football League is no longer NATIONAL when they refuse to stand for the National Anthem  and show no respect to this country's Flag, tax payers, military personal and true Americans.. 

   They no Longer qualify to be called a National Team when they do NOT represent the views of the entire nation.....Only a selected few...

   Since the term National means that a nation, 'a whole nation' and clearly since they refuse to stand for this nation and they have turned their backs on the working tax paying people of this Nation.. The people of this great country has began to get fed up with them by refusing to watch, we will not buy their merchandise and we began burning items that have NFL on them.

   The people have spoken out in regards to the cowards that play this so called sport (Called NFL) we wish to no longer have them be associated with our country, and many Americans, now refuse to support them... 

   Many died defending our rights to protest, many are forced into poverty because they pay taxes and do not break the laws yet they still Stand behind this country, the Flag and the National Anthem.

   We the People do get tired of getting beat down, but we NEVER blame our faults on our Flag, National Anthem or protest the Freedoms our Founding Fathers have died to give us.

             NFL is now considered as Traitors to this great Nation. We the people made them great and they turned their backs on us.

    This whole nation is no longer supporting what use to be called a American Sport, now its just full of cry babies, trash and junk.... No Longer we see this as a National Sport or should it be just to be called as such.

    It is time for the NFL to find a name more fitting to their cause and that does NOT involve true Americans or this great country in their name, We the People find this sport to be unfit and should not have any ties to our wonderful country.

   If they can take a knee or refuse to stand then, we refuse to stand for them and now we wish to take a knee when their politics comes into this 'kids sport' and they should have any non profit status revoked and be done so that they are treated like any other FOR PROFIT sport in this Great Country called The UNITED States Of America.....

   Their website even claims that they are a Professional American Football League.

   Their poor display has proven that they are NOT professional NOR true American. ...............................


   Signed the true Americans, We the People......

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