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NFL Scouts - stay away from YSU until Ma'Lik is removed from the team!

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Despite nearly 12,000 petitioners asking for the removal of convicted rapist Ma'Lik Richmond from the Youngstown State University football team, YSU decided to keep him. They placed him on the practice squad, but just like the Ma'Lik of 5 years ago, he was determined to have what wasn't his to forcibly take, and brought the Yniversity who has given him a second chance at an education to court - stating that every game he didn't play risked his future with you - with the NFL. 

So now we ask you to make him do the right thing. If you refuse to send scouts to any YSU games at all, he will be forced to resign from the team, or face the other players knowing that he is damaging their futures and their dreams. He will either face the selfishness inside of him, or the rest of the team will make him know in no uncertain terms that their futures aren't worth his demands. 

NFL Authorities, you have a reputation among women. You have taught us many times that we don't matter. Rapists, beaters, they are all over your roster. You can't fix the past, but you can change your future image with the world. YOU have to stand up and make a change in your ranks. And you can start here, by refusing to scout at games that allow a convicted in court rapist to play ball. 


Please, NFL, do the right thing. Show every sexual assault survivor that you don't condone what has happened to us. Show us you support fixing the problem, not recruiting it. 


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