Let Laurent Duvernay-Tardif put "M​.​D." on his NFL jersey

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Matthew Ryan
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The chance of being drafted into the NFL after playing in high school? 0.09%. Becoming a doctor in the U.S.? Approximately 0.25% of the population. The fact that Chief’s guard Laurent Duvernay-Tardif has simultaneously accomplished both? He is one of two in the history of the entire sport.

This is such an extraordinary accomplishment, it makes sense why Duvernay-Tardif would ask the NFL to add “M.D.” to his jersey.

Unfortunately, this goes against Section 4, Article 8 of the NFL General Rules and his request has been denied.

Rules such as tucking in jerseys, altering sleeves, or uniform towel length holds all NFL players to a high standard. This also applies to names. The NFL only allows legal names, the reason why player Ochocinco officially changed his name to have it printed on his jersey.

However, the title of “M.D.” appears to add—and even elevate—the NFL’s high standard of excellence, showcasing the extraordinary ability of their players on and off the field. 

The mental and physical fortitude that it takes to be both an NFL player and doctor showcases the quality of person who is chosen for the NFL. Players who are multifaceted, hard working and don’t stop until their dreams are realized. 

And the potential to inspire millions can’t be ignored. To allow the M.D. showcases the tremendous will of all who have accomplished such feats, demonstrating to children (and adults) everywhere that pursuing all of their dreams is, indeed, possible. 

So we say, let Duvernay-Tardif add M.D. to his jersey and show everyone watching that there is no limit to what they can accomplish. 

And that is worth cheering for.