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I will not watch a single NFL game if Colin Kaepernick isn't hired

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Football is the most popular sport in this country, and NFL is the biggest purveyor of this sport. However, the life blood of its product, the athlete, doesn’t always get the full benefit of the windfall profits that this league makes. This has been especially true when it comes to its treatment of minority athletes, who play a huge role in its popularity.

A glaring example is that of the treatment of one such athlete: Colin Kaepernick.

Society has long criticized the modern day athlete for acting like a spoiled, self-centered brat, interested only in self-promotion and a big paycheck. Many dabble in bad behavior, and some aren't strangers to crime. In Kaepernick we have the polar opposite of that prima-donna athlete.

Colin Kaepernick is a thoughtful man, who is not only a gifted athlete, but an involved member of the community. He has literally put his money where his mouth is to help humanity around him. He is a great influence both on and off the field as evidenced by his teammates awarding him the prestigious ‘courage’ award. However, he did one thing that just can’t be tolerated. He went one step too far. He committed the cardinal sin. He became a minority athlete who dared to ask for equal rights for minorities in today’s society.

Well, that just can’t be tolerated now can it? An athlete can rape women; no problem. An athlete can beat up his children; welcome back! An athlete can beat up his significant other; oh sign here, please (as long as we can hide the video!). But ask for your rights, and you get the boot in today’s NFL. So, a guy in the prime of his athletic prowess, who on a 2-14 team had a better QB rating than half of the starting quarterbacks in the league, now can’t find a job. Even as a backup.

Many NFL executives and owners have confided – off the record of course – that they just don’t want the “distraction” from a backup quarterback. Yet, much less talented quarterbacks like Manziel and Mallet have been hired as backups despite their distractions and baggage. Which makes one wonder, what’s the difference here? This is not about talent. This is not about teams getting negative press either, because Kaepernick had the best-selling jersey in the entire league last year. It is very clear what this is about. This is about putting a minority athlete “in his place” for having the audacity raise his head against racial inequity.

I have been an avid NFL fan for a very long time. I love the game. I love what it stands for. I love the fact that it is probably the most quintessential team sport there is. However, I am also aware that the NFL ownership banks on that fact. It knows that through its tolerance of bad behavior by athletes, or maltreatment of retired players – who desperately need help – that one factor will keep bringing the fans back to watch the sport that they love. And it has worked so far.

Not anymore. This is the last straw. If the NFL can’t find a place for a man who has done nothing but help the fellow man, and has found a simple, peaceful and quiet way to protest society’s inequity towards minorities, then I am finished with the NFL. If Colin Kaepernick does not get hired by an NFL team, then I am boycotting the NFL. I will not watch a single game until the league ownership realizes that we as consumers aren’t zombies who will keep coming back. We know what you’re doing, and we will not stand for it.

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