Give Michael Vick’s rights back

Give Michael Vick’s rights back

December 7, 2019
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Started by Mr. Hoodnews

Michael Vick is listed as one of the 2020 Pro Bowl captains and not everyone is happy about it. Thousands of people have signed a various petitions asking the NFL to remove him from the position due to his past with animal abuse. 

Last month, the league named him as one of the four Pro Bowl Legends captains and people immediately began demanding they make a change. 

Michael Vick was charged with dog fighting years ago. He did his time & paid his dues back to Society. 

The sad thing about it. When people color accomplish so much in life the opposite side of the world always have to pose to it.

it’s their job to try to take the person who’s trying to go on the correct path of life after a bad decision down the drain even though he’s already paid his debt to society back to the dark hole 

Now that is life have changed for the good & all his hard work and respect playing off. Here goes the left wing again to rain on his parade. 

Micheal Vick deserves to accept all the praises of his accomplishments he achieved. Sign this petition to go against the ones who trying to stand in the way of his greatness. We all felled short & never was perfect in this world we call life. 

Lets stop pointing the finger at only the people that got caught & let’s start focusing on the ones who seems to always get away on the top level. let’s remember that dogs are not the only animals that suffers from animal cruelty. If we going to focus on the issue let’s bring it all to the table.

let’s all be fair & respect a person who actually did the time for his crime & build his life back respectfully & admirable.   


This petition made change with 1,708 supporters!

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