Fire Vance Joseph!!!!!!!!!

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Vance Joseph is the current Head Coach for the Denver Broncos. It is his second year as a Head Coach as he is a former Defensive Coordinator for the Miami Dolphins. Now lets get down to business. We all remember Josephs first year as head coach last year. He led the Broncos to an atrocious 5-11 record with 8 straight losses. Now here is what I believe most people don't know. 2017 was the Broncos first season to lose 8 consecutive games since 1967 in which they lost 9 games and finished 3-11. Had Vance Joseph lost one more game he would have repeated history from 51 years ago in the worst possible way. Now lets talk about the 2010 season for a second and Josh McDaniels. Oh yeah that name just makes your skin crawl doesn't it? The 2010 season is the year all Bronco fans want to forget. But lets talk about it. Josh McDaniels got fired and kicked out the door mid season after taking this team to an embarrassing 3-9 record and Denver finished their abysmal season 4-12. So with all this said, Denver fans have to be confused about how Vance Joseph still has a job after the 2017 season and is in his second year as head coach. Granted both years he took Denver 2-0 to start the season, but it all went downhill from there. This year Denver started 2-0 but both wins were ugly and dangerously close. They somehow defeated the Chargers in LA. Had Denver not made that field goal with 6 seconds on the clock to steal the win from the Oakland Raiders in week 2, Denver right now would be 2-7 instead of 3-6 heading into the bye week. Think about that for a second. Now lets talk about the roster, the team has been beefed up on all sides of the ball during the off season, offense, defense and special teams. However the defense is lacking secondary depth. But this team all in all has the talent to make the playoffs and possibly Superbowl if coached properly. Joseph just doesn't have the brains to lead this team to the Superbowl. He lacks energy in the locker room and looks like a deer in headlights on the sidelines. The bottom line is, Joseph lost this team last year and it's a matter of time before he losses it again this year. It is very obvious Denver fans are fed up with him and want him gone as they have continuously voiced their displeasure with him. As to why John Elway didn't fire him after last season we will never know. This guy needs to go, he's not the guy that can live up to the Broncos coaching expectations. Lets not forget hes the reason Wade Phillips is in LA with the Rams right now instead of Denver. The combination between Vance Joseph and Joe Woods is weak. Joe Woods is another huge problem that needs to be taken care of. He has no control of this once dominant defense. The Broncos are going nowhere but down with Vance coaching this 3 Time Superbowl Championship Team. Time to get Vance Joseph out of Denver!!!!

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