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Fine NFL players who protest and give that money to Veterans

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Mr. Goodell and the NFL stand behind the player's rights to protest during the National Anthem.  Let's show Mr. Goodell that we, the American people, agree, but demand a penalty for such.  Please join me by signing this petition to demand that he enforce fines on every player who chooses to exhibit such behavior. Their acts are, at the very least, unsportsmanlike conduct. During this weekend's NFL games over 100 players protested.  A fine of even $10,000.00 for each act of protest (which is pennies to these millionaires) to be donated to Veterans outreach efforts in their community can make a huge difference to homeless and underprivileged veterans in this country.  This past weekend alone $10,000.00 per act would have resulted in 1 MILLION dollars raised to help those who gave so much for all of us. If these players feel so strongly about their cause, let's make it a cause that creates positive change. Over the course of a single NFL season, these players knees can go a long way in helping those who gave them that right.

Let's show Mr. Goodell and these players that the great people of the USA will NOT sit idly by while our National Anthem, American flag and the brave men and women who have served and died for their freedom is disrespected.


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