The Removal of Al Riveron

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Within the past six weeks of the season, Al Riveron along with his crew have done nothing but ruin the sanctity of the game week in and week out. It’s not only affecting teams, but also fans alike. 

Even with the media and fans calling them out, it’s gotten worse every week. From uncalled obvious DPI calls to faux “hands to the face” to DPI challenges that 9/10 DON’T work, it’s gotten to the point that it’s not an isolated problem, it’s a reoccurring infection and it starts at the top.

Al Riveron has proven over and over again that he is unable to lead men letting the league know that the players don’t matter and neither do the fans. As fans, you can decide or whether or not this league can accept it.  Enough of the written apologies & fan displeasure, change is needed to not only the teams but also protect the game.