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Boycott NFL for not penalizing employees for protesting at work.

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Its a social injustice that NFL players can protest at work and their employer the Team Management and the NFL tolerates this insubordination. It is not because they don't stand for the National Anthem, that's their right under the 1st amendment, its the fact that they are protesting while working. The social injustice is that they get preferential treatment, being a football player, and not penalized for this behavior. Bet if the police officers guarding them or the referee or janitor protested at work they would be fired and no one would care.

The players have the right to protest but stop doing it on company time. Take a day with no pay and protest.  Those that agree please sign this petition to boycott the NFL until this is resolved and managed fairly as if it was any employee with this organization. NO MORE TREATING THE MILLIONAIRE ATHLETES BETTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE. This protest is the real injustice and inequality based on class and wealth not Race. No more..... we are tired of this.




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