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Boycott all Fantasy Football on Veteran's Day Weekend

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Fellow Fantasy Football players,

We write this letter due to the actions of many NFL players that continue to disrespect our national anthem, our flag and our country. We do not disregard what they are protesting, they have every right to protest, but rather the way that they do so. Our flag and our national anthem do not represent President Trump or any other oppressive ideology that they believe is tied to them. These things represent the men and women that have fought, bled and died for the freedoms and liberties that are so precious to everyone. They symbolize of every drop of blood, sweat and tears that have been shed protecting this country. They represent every man, woman and child that try to build a society that works for all. In short, our flag and anthem represent everything that we hold near and dear to our hearts.

The NFL claims that President Trump has disrespected them for calling them out for such actions. When in fact it is they who are disrespecting our country as a whole. We have had enough of this complete and utter insolence of America. That is why we are calling upon all football fantasy league administrators, players and all football fans to boycott the NFL on week 10, November 9th through the 13th, Veteran’s day weekend.

We cannot think of a better weekend to show all of our veterans that we proudly stand with them and against the outright disrespect that is being shown to them by these millionaire hypocrites. During this week we ask that no one enter a roster for that week, no league accept rosters, and that everyone turn off their TVs, stay away from the stadiums to show that the NFL needs the fans, the fans do not need the NFL.

We have overlooked many questionable decisions that the NFL has made in the name of entertainment but disrespecting our flag cannot go without consequences from the American public. It’s time to stand up for the soldiers that stand up for us every single day.


Langdon Lushes


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