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Ban Pete Morelli from officiating Falcons games!

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The officiating that took place during the Falcons vs Saints game week 16 was an embarrassment to the entire NFL. The job that Pete Morelli and his crew did was completely unacceptable and everyone associated with the NFL (fans, players, coaches, owners, and commissioner) should have no tolerance for it. There is absolutely no reason for officiating to be that blatantly one sided and this is not the first time that this has been an issue with Morelli. Morelli has a track record of calling one sided games in favor of the home team and has been involved in some of the most controversial officiating in recent NFL history. The same thing happened earlier this season when the Eagles played the Panthers in Carolina. The Falcons were penalized for extremely questionable holding calls, subject to poor spotting of the football, had conclusive touchdowns not given to them, as well as a number of defensive holding and defensive pass interferences against the Falcons that were not called; one flag was even picked up because the ball was subjectively ruled “uncatchable” wiping out the DPI. The penalty disparity between the Saints and the Falcons at one point was 10 to 1 and at one point during the game the Falcons had a down and distance of 1st and 40. Yes, 1st and 40 yards! A game with the playoff implications of the Falcons vs Saints game should never, and I mean NEVER be impacted by the officiating as much as it was. If the NFL cares about its fans, it needs to do something and hold officials ACCOUNTABLE for poor judgement and explicit bias. Sign the petition. Let’s get Pete Morelli banned from working any more Falcons game in the future, and hopefully any more NFL games completely. 

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