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Asking the NFL to make it a rule to stand for the flag.

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Dear Commissioner Goodell, Executives, Board Members, Committee Members, and Owners:

While we understand you allow players, coaches, and staff to follow their beliefs, those beliefs need to be left at the locker room door.

Players are on the field to do one job: play football. If they want to protest off the field, that is their right but disrespecting the flag is never OK. The football field is a place to play football, not voice opinions.

The fact that a veteran, who is also a player, felt the need to apologize (regardless of whether he was apologizing for “making his team look bad” or not) is ridiculous.

Bottom line: NFL players are entertainers; yes they are athletes but they are still entertainers. The fans tune in or purchase tickets to the game to be entertained by watching them play football. Fans purchase NFL memorabilia to support our favorite teams and/or players yet the players cannot be bothered to stand on the sidelines to support our flag? Fans don’t care what players' protests are come game time, they care about watching them play football. Watching players take a knee when the flag is unfurled or the anthem is played is a slap in the face to every man and woman who has ever served this country; it is a slap in the face to every parent, grandparent, or child who has ever sent their loved ones off to war, a slap in the face to every service member who didn’t get to come home or came home injured. Without those men and women, the players would not have the right to protest anything. Protesting oppression or police brutality has absolutely nothing to do with showing respect for our flag and does not belong on the football field. Fans want to be entertained by football, if they wanted politics, they would watch the news channels.

Please make it a rule in the NFL that taking a knee is punishable by sitting on the sidelines the first time and being fired the second time. There is a place for protests and it is not on the football field.

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