Allow the Los Angeles Rams to Wear Their Throwback Uniforms

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Though it took a couple seasons, the Rams are building a committed and loyal fan base since returning to Los Angeles. Fans, old and new, are excited about our present, which includes a young and exciting roster and an energetic head coach, while also being excited about our future, which includes a new stadium, and eventually, new uniforms, helping to form a new identity for our team and city. 

However, since returning, fans have been searching for an identity while we wait for that future to become the present. We’re playing in the Coliseum, which is currently under construction, and will remain so throughout the upcoming season. While our stadium situation can’t be changed until the new stadium is complete, our physical appearance on the field can.

One of the all-time greatest uniforms, the Rams blue and yellow throwbacks, make an appearance twice a season. The rest of the games are spent in mixed uniforms which leave a lot to be desired. Though fans have expressed our desire to see the throwback uniforms more regularly, we are left with uniforms that, to be honest, bring little excitement. While the Rams organization made minor adjustments to their uniforms this past season, and have reached out to the NFL about allowing these throwback uniforms to appear more often and being denied, fans are left wishing those beautiful throwback jerseys, which define LA Rams culture, could be used to make an identity for our team now.

Uniforms are more than just clothes to NFL fans. Rams fans identify with those colors, and have longed to see them regularly since their return to Los Angeles. Building a committed fan base requires an identity, and these uniforms would be a boon to that process. Outside of Rams Nation, many believe these uniforms to be among the all-time greats. Seeing these uniforms on a regular basis would better the league, and with the Rams playing multiple prime time games this upcoming season, it would only make sense to see the Rams in the uniforms their fans, as well as the NFL community, want to see them in. 

In signing this petition, we ask that the NFL allow the Rams to use their throwback jerseys as their primary uniform for the upcoming season, or at least wear them more frequently than twice a year, and allow the city of Los Angeles to unify under a consistent identity, the LA Rams blue and yellow banner.

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