A New NFL Scheduling System

A New NFL Scheduling System

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The scheduling outline for the NFL(National Football League) has many many flaws. It crams 7-8 games into one time frame at 1:00PM(EST). 

 This is an issue because it disallows many fans of teams not in their area to watch their favorite teams. Fans of certain teams who live in different areas from their favorite team will often not be able to watch their favorite team play because streaming sites and cable typically only give an individual access to the games closest to the individuals location rather than all games.

This also detracts from the hype and reaction to many plays as they have to be witnessed through highlights instead of live. For instance the "Hail Murray" and Patrick Mahomes II "No Look Pass" were exceptional plays that couldn't be appreciated properly by many fans because you witnessed it through a highlight instead of through the intensity of the game you were watching. 

Additionally, this starves the NFL fanbase for content 4 of the 7 days of the week. It becomes increasingly difficult to wait for games with anticipation with only 1 option on the Monday and Thursday night when it is often a matchup you weren't even in the mood to watch.

The suggested outline below is an alternative to the current scheduling outline of the NFL which benefits the fans aswell the league by

  1. Providing a more convenient timing for NFL fans as they are much more likely to be able to witness their favorite NFL teams live.
  2. Providing the fans with a greater experience and the chance to witness the incredible athletic and astounding plays made by NFL players.
  3. Allow NFL fans to go to NFL games without missing as much action across the league. 
  4. Allow more prime time games for the NFL to advertise more than likely increasing viewership and ticket prices.
  5. Allow more NFL broadcasters to get recognized as they will have to cover more prime time games.
  6. Increasing the overall NFL experience from a fans point of view which after all is the reason many players play the game.

The following outline is the suggested alternative outline that would replace the current NFL scheduling outline 

  • 2 games on Thursday Night. 1 game at 6:45PM(EST).        1 game at 9:00PM(EST).
  • 8 games on Sunday.               3 games at 12:00PM(EST).     3 games at 3:15PM(EST).      1 game at 7:30PM(EST).        1 game at 9:00PM(EST).
  • 2 games on Monday Night.    1 game at 6:00PM(EST).        1 game at 9:00PM(EST).
  • 2 games on Tuesday Night.    1 game at 6:00PM(EST).        1 game at 9:00PM(EST).
  • 2 games on Wednesday night. 1 game at 6:00PM(EST). 1 game at 9:00PM(EST).
  • Weeks 5-12 will feature 4 teams per week on a bye week. On these weeks; Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night games will have one 7:45PM(EST) game.
  • Thanksgiving Day will take 1 game from what would be the 12:00PM(EST) and 3:15PM(EST) and add them to the schedule as Thanksgiving Day will feature one game per time slot of the regular NFL Sunday: 12:00PM(EST), 3:15PM(EST), 7:30PM(EST), 9:00PM(EST). On Thanksgiving Days that fall on a bye week. The 7:30PM(EST) game will be removed from that weeks Sunday.
  • On weeks of Saturday Doubleheader games.            2 games will be taken from the first 2 Sunday time slots,(12:00PM(EST) and 3:15PM(EST)), and added to Saturday's Doubleheader in the form of one game at 4:00PM(EST) and another at 7:30PM(EST).
  • Seeing as the times will be conflicted. Teams that reside in the Pacific or Mountain time zones must never play home games in the early slot of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday as this will detract from viewership. These teams are the Seattle Seahawks, Arizona Cardinals, San Francisco 49ers, Los Angeles Rams, Los Angeles Chargers, Denver Broncos, and Las Vegas Raiders.
  • Teams cannot be scheduled to play less than 3 days apart. So the soonnest a team could play its weeks would be Monday to Thursday for example.
  • The plan for this scheduling outline will detract from the daily viewership of sunday but increase it overall as people will be more keen to tune into games and have that opportunity. 

Those who sign this petition.  Agree that the scheduling outline above is a more appropriate and better option to scheduling NFL games and believe it will make a great impact in the NFL community. It is time we experience the greatest sport in the world at its professional level at its best. 

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