2019 Superbowl Halftime Show performers: Smashing Pumpkins

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Year after year NFL fans are forced to sit through another bland performance from a generic pop star. Fans have made it clear they want a rock band, so how about instead of pandering to teenagers and the "I only watch for the commercials and half time show"  crowd the NFL rewards the fans who fill the stadiums and tune every Sunday.

With the Smashing Pumpkins appearing to be in the midst of a reunion, the time is perfect to recruit the grunge and alt rock legends for the game. Between the Pumpkins and Nirvana, the 90's reinvigorated rock and few bands have been able to recapture the magic of this era.

With high octane and undeniably satisfying tracks such as Bullet with Butterfly Wings, Disarm, Cherub Rock, 1979, Today,Tonight Tonight, etc, The Pumpkins have the potential to give us one of the most electrifying Half Time Shows of all time. 

If you agree that this would be an awesome half time show, spread this petition and let the NFL hear us!

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