NFHS Wrestling Weight Classes- All Sizes Matter

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The NFHS is once again looking to change weight classes that will drive away, sideline, and bench more high school wrestlers.  They are trying to reduce weight classes and drive away smaller athletes.

Although the statistics will show that the smallest 106 pound weight class does have forfeits, the most important statistic being ignored is the OPPORTUNITY being provided to these smaller athletes.  

If you look state by state at the high school state wrestling tournaments, the 106 pound weight class is filled or very close to filled.  Why would we eliminate this and cut this OPPORTUNITY for the student athlete.

The current argument is to make it more exciting for the fans to reduce forfeits.  First off; these organizations were meant to take care of and provide opportunities for the student athlete, not the fans. 

Secondly; a true fan of the sport would accept the forfeits and embrace the opportunity provided for all student athletes, not look to hinder and take away.

The NFHS needs to keep the 14 weight classes as they are now, stop driving student athletes away, and assist in growing this sport, not reducing it.