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Release offline version of First Assault

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To Whom it may concern,

For more than a year, First Assault, a 'Ghost in the Shell' inspired f2p FPS has had myself quite addicted. I have pumped in countless hours and joined part of the closely nit community locally and abroad the actively plays the game. 

We are disheartened to hear that this game's days are number and are trying to find possible solutions so it may continue to live. We came up with a few possibilities;

One such solution is to perhaps release the current (or original) game as a LAN version for us to purchase. By doing this you would no longer need to pay for server fees and would gain income from copies sold.

Another solution is to simply sell a version of that which is currently on your servers so that we may host it ourselves, once again this would get rid of your cost while providing a income through copies sold.

You wouldn't need to support it, as such either. It could just be a one off sale (like what did with games like Alan Wake when its licences got to the end).

So i plead with you once again, please don't let this game die, and most definitely please don't delete its files. there is a large enough community that would love to buy a copy they can continue to enjoying the content after the servers going down.

Please consider these options Nexon/ Team Waffle, December the 6th will be a sad day otherwise, spoiling the Christmas period for many.



P.s if you as a player want to help co-ordinate plans to make FA succeed feel free to join the discord here >

We are going through plans of attack to show the devs, the game is still very much loved

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