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Nexon America: Reimburse players (customers) money for unjust banning of said account(s)

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Nexon America constantly and unjustly bans players (customers) accounts for "hacking" without, but not limited to, investigating, valid proof or a fair process of appeal. A lot of the players (customers) who get banned have spent a lot of hard earned money to play Nexon games and to make their playing experience enhanced. While there is an appeal process if you happen to be a player (customer) that has gotten banned unjustly, they never investigate the cause and always send the same automated response stating that they will not be able to release said account(s) due to the nature of the banning of said account(s). This is a huge problem. Most of the players (customers) accounts that have gotten banned have spent anywhere from $100 to thousands of dollars to support Nexon America and to make their gaming experience a better one. That is why this is such a huge issue regarding bans considering the amount of money that is given to Nexon America by It's players (customers) and not getting a fair appeal process or by not getting another chance to play said account(s) that was unjustly banned.

This petition is for reimbursement of players (customers) accounts that have been banned unjustly after spending a lot of their hard earned money on Nexon America games. The process of appeal is everything but fair and the players (customers) deserve their hard earned money back if Nexon America refuses to support the people that make their company possible and very successful. The players (customers) make Nexon America, not Nexon America. We the players (customers) support Nexon America and that is the only reason they are still in business. We the players (customers) do not want to be ripped off of our hard earned money anymore and demand that we get reimbursed or get a fair appeal process and at least get offered a second chance to play a game that we have paid lots of money to support. Most players (customers) who have gotten banned have been outstanding players (customers) for years that have never broken Nexon America terms of service and have been victims of "hacking."

Nexon America acknowledged the "hacking" problem in September of 2011 by compensating players (customers) who have had their account(s) "hacked" due to Nexon America's incompetence to ban/forbid "hackers" and to protect their players (customers) from losing hard earned money on said account(s) due to an issue that was out of the player (customers) control. Now over a year later, Nexon America is not giving their players (customers) a fair chance and now ban accounts that have been "hacked" due to Nexon America's incompetence. This has got to stop at once. Nexon America has made millions of dollars from It's players (customers) to just give them a cold shoulder and to take the players (customers) hard earned money. We the players (customers) will not take this kind of treatment anymore. We the players (customers) deserve just as much support as Nexon America has gotten from us players (customers), no less. We the players (customers) demand what we deserve and that is support, respect and justice.

What we the players (customers) demand: Reimburse players (customers) money for unjust banning of said account(s) OR give players a second chance to access said account(s) that were unjustly banned.

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