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Get Nexolucite to upload a new video

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You may or may not have heard of the Youtuber Nexolucite. He currently has 17 subscribers and 5 videos. Whether or not you haven't heard of this very trending Youtuber, it has come to my attention that he has commited an atrocious crime to his very loyal fans.

He hasn't uploaded in 3 months!

This is an absolute slap in the face to the extremely loyal fans, such as myself, who enjoyed his content thoroughly. I know Nexolucite IRL, and have asked him many times to upload soon. He refuses! This has had a massive impact on my day to day life, as I no longer have something to fill the void in myself which his videos once filled. It is madness. But I believe it can change.

If all his highly loyal fans band together and work hard on spreading the word, he will upload, and I will no longer feel the emptiness within me that I do. He has given me his word he will do a video if this reaches 100 signatures.

So lets make it happen.

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