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Petitioning Newtown, CT First Selectman Patricia Llodra and 4 others

Newtown, CT First Selectman Patricia Llodra: Approve Senate Bill 823 re: Newtown first responders

This bill will expand the worker's compensation coverage in Connecticut to all individuals diagnosed with PTSD as a result of witnessing the death or maiming of another human being whose death or maiming was caused by an intentional act of violence of another person- regardless if there was any physical injury or use of deadly force.  We request this bill be passed on behalf of the first responders who were involved with the Sandy Hook shootings on 12/14/12 but also for any future responders who find themselves in situations that bring about PTSD. 

Letter to
Newtown, CT First Selectman Patricia Llodra
Connecticut State House
Connecticut State Senate
and 2 others
President of the United States
Connecticut Governor
Approve Senate Bill 823 - expansion of the worker's compensation coverage.
The Newtown police officers who went into the Sandy Hook Elementary School on 12/14/12 witnessed something that no human being can prepare for and yet still went on to save hundreds of lives. Now, more than 2 months after the event, these same officers are struggling emotionally with post traumatic stress disorder. It is our duty to assist them financially so they may take the time off they need to heal. They did their job.. it's OUR TURN to do ours. Every signature on this petition equals a person who has great respect and gratitude for the quick actions of the Newtown PD in saving lives on 12/14/12. They had our backs.. we need to have theirs. Please pass SB 823.