Save Mr. Mordkoff

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Mr. Mordkoff is a business education teacher at Newton High School in New Jersey. To many students, he is also the one of the best teachers they have had throughout their education. It may sound cliche, but he truly cares about his students, and can easily tell if someone is having a bad day, and needs someone to talk to. Additionally, he has an uncanny ability to make his class stand out every day, even if it includes making a terrible dad joke or letting us watch old viral videos for half a period during our Marketing class.

Mordkoff has also introduced and advised an FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) chapter into the school despite only having a handful of students in the first year, he has developed FBLA into one of the most popular clubs at our schools, with about fifty students actively participating. Through FBLA, Mr. Mordkoff has also been able to offer numerous field trips and internship programs to his students, that were not before available. I know personally, his classes and FBLA have steered me towards a career in business, something I had not considered Freshman Year. In addition to FBLA, Mordkoff also has coached basketball at the school for several years, and is a participant in many school activities. 

Unfortunately, our school board has decided to terminate his employment, effective in September. Mordkoff always has been proud of the support the business program has received from the school, so this decision has been shocking. His removal will have a significant impact on the students that have benefited from his classes, and many opportunities are at risk of not being available to future students at Newton High School. There is no guarantee that we can save his job, but it would be foolish not to try. At the very least, an outpouring of support will show Mordkoff that his work is important and beneficial to his students, and his dedication is admired by many.