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Newton County, Indiana Board of Commissioners keep the current Animal Control Officers and policies in effect at Animal Control

Animal Control already has the experience and the capability of care.

the animals at animal control deserve a second chance, any animal that is "adoptable" should have a chance to be adopted.

There needs to be a temporary solution/safe keeping for them adoptable.

Animals should not in good conscience be euthanized.

Please return animal control to normal operations by the three people who were already in charge of the operations. The changes being made are strictly based on politics and money and are NOT what the tax payers and voters want! It is not fair that a perfectly healthy animal should have to suffer and be euthanized when it has the ability to live a happy and healthy life. We want operations to remain in the power of animal control and to continue to be run by the same people running it with NO changes being made to animal control!

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  • Newton County, Indiana Board of Commissioners
    Kyle Conrad
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    Tim Drenth
  • Newton County, Indiana Board of Commissioners
    Mickey Read
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    Glen Cain

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