Stop Uncoordinated Development in District 3

Stop Uncoordinated Development in District 3

March 2, 2021
Petition to
Commissioner District 1 Stan Edwards and 4 others
Signatures: 546Next Goal: 1,000
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Why this petition matters

Started by Gabe Vannice

District #3 Community Petition Against Rezoning of Location: Fairview Road
MAP & PARCEL: 25-43, 43A, 43B & 44
ACREAGE: 25 plus acres

REQUEST: To rezone parcels 25-43, 44A, 43B &44 from R2 (Single Family Residential) to RMF Residential Multiple Family   

Come to the Board of Commissioners meeting on Tuesday 3/16/21@ 7PM

Historic Courthouse
1124 Clark Street
Covington, GA 30014

What can you do?
Office: 678-625-1200

Marcello Banes:
Chairman of the BOC

Stan Edwards: Dist. 1

JC Henderson: Dist. 4
678.625.1202 - 770.896.3826

T Desmon Mason: Dist. 2

Ronnie Cowan: Dist. 5

Alana Sanders: Dist. 3


This petition created by the community of District #3. We are not in agreement with the rezoning of R2/-Single Family property along/around Fairview Road, Covington Ga/Newton County to be converted into RMF/ Multi-Family Residential property. 

Rezoning concerns; Increase Traffic/Congestion, Crime, Pollution/Garbage, Property Taxes, Future rezoning opportunities, Decrease in Property values of District #3 

This petition is in opposition to REZ21-000002, the proposed rezoning of 24.69 acres at the East end of Fairview Road from R2 (Single Family Residential) to RMF (Multi-Family Residential) for the purpose of building 120 townhomes. Many residents in the Fairview Road neighborhoods are completely opposed to the addition of multi-family housing that will cause traffic and safety problems, create even more problems with schools that are already over-capacity, destroy local wildlife habitat, and lower the property values of the existing community.

Traffic and safety of pedestrians are major areas of concern. Traffic jams on Fairview Road/Jack Neely are routinely blocked by traffic turning onto Fairview Road during rush hour and throughout the day. The local neighborhood traffic will disproportionately surge during morning and evening rush hours, causing traffic issues during critical times for the existing neighborhoods and emergency personal. The traffic surge during morning rush hours will also negatively impact safety for children since students walk to school in the mornings. In general, the area traffic is continuing to increase, and heavy traffic is already common at times from Access Road to Fairview Road and Jack Neely. There have been fatalities and several vehicle accidents on Fairview Road.

Schools in the area are already reported at overcapacity, and the council should not approve multi-family dwellings that create or exacerbates a situation that will cause school concurrency to fail for this proposal and/or other approved plans.

Multi-family dwellings are inconsistent with the neighborhoods developed in the area and exacerbate existing infrastructure problems.

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Signatures: 546Next Goal: 1,000
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Decision Makers

  • Stan EdwardsCommissioner District 1
  • Demond MasonCommissioner District 2
  • Alana SandersCommissioner District 3
  • J.C HendersonCommissioner District 4
  • Ronnie CowanCommissioner District 5