Newton City Council: Let us vote whether we want to OPT OUT of retail marijuana sales

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In 2016, Newton voters supported legalizing adult-use retail marijuana establishments. The language on the ballot added that local municipalities had the right to “adopt reasonable restrictions on the time, place and manner of operating marijuana businesses and to limit the number of marijuana establishments in their communities.” Newton voters therefore deserve the right to debate the issue of cannabis dispensaries—limiting or, if desired, opting out of them entirely.  

It is incorrect to assume that if Newton voters were in favor of legalization that they must also be in favor of commercialization. 

Selectmen and councilors in 40 Massachusetts towns (and counting) that voted YES on legalization have decided to put this question before the voters. That was the intent of the law and we ask that you fulfill this responsibility and put it on the November ballot giving Newton voters the opportunity to opt out.

016年,Newton选民们支持了当局的成人使用娱乐性大麻合法化的议案。投票时的措辞添加了各地区“有权采用合理的制约,限制时间,地点,大麻业务的经营方式,以及控制在本地社区大麻运营商的数量” Newton选民们因此完全有权利讨论有关大麻店的事宜,限制它或者,如果希望,彻底推翻它。

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