Petition against Marcus Kolga’s article published by Toronto Sun May 8, 2020

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We, readers of Toronto Sun, are deeply disturbed and outraged by Marcus Kolga’s article published by the newspaper on the 75th Anniversary of Victory over Fascism. The author, obviously possessed by his personal anti-Russian views, tried to paint the USSR, which was fiercely fighting Nazi Germany from June 1941 to May 1945, not as a liberator but an aggressor and a military occupant of Europe.

Deliberate distortion of the historical events  for the sake of politics is absolutely disgraceful and has no excuse. It is a HISTORICALLY DOCUMENTED FACT that  the Soviet Army  raised the victory flag over Reichstag and that Field marshal Wilhelm Keitel signed the German surrender to the Soviet Union. It is a HISTORICALLY DOCUMENTED FACT that Auschwitz, along with other concentration camps, was liberated by the Soviet soldiers. It is a HISTORICALLY DOCUMENTED FACT, that on their way to defeating Berlin, Soviet armed forces liberated a number of European countries. There are numerous war footages that reflected the GRATITUDE the civilians of the freed territories expressed towards the Soviet Army.

The ultimate cost that the Soviet Union paid for liberating its country and Europe was almost 30 million lives, almost the whole population of Canada today. Canada has its own share of heroic pages in History and does not need to steal anybody else’s victories.

Publication of the article is even more of an outrageous act, considering that the Soviet Union, Canada, Great Britain and the USA were Allies in this horrific war, and now at the time of strenuous relationship between our countries, some so called “journalists” consider it possible to rewrite the history and brazenly lie. This deprives readers and especially young generation of truthful coverage of the events of WWII, in which the USSR and its western Allies were united in their fight against Fascism.