Support the Deadpool poster for mocking the Mormon church

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Lee J. Siegel
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In a separate petition, some Mormons are complaining they are offended by a poster for the film "Once Upon a Deadpool" because it satirizes a sacred Mormon picture of Jesus Christ known as the second coming. (See: What the complainers don't say is that the satire is completely justified payback for the attempt by Utah's Mormon police state to close a movie theater that showed the original Deadpool. See and google other stories for Deadpool and Brewvies.

The short version is this. Salt Lake City has a theater-restaurant-pub named Brewvies where you can drink beer and eat food while watching movies. A few years back, the Utah State Bureau of Investigation -- which does enforcement for the state's Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (aka the state-run Mormon booze monopoly) sent some undercover booze narcs to Brewvies. They ordered beer and drank it while watching Deadpool, then went back to their office and wrote a long report detailing the sex scenes and body parts displayed in Deadpool. Then the state tried to use that as an excuse to take away Brewvies' license to sell beer and impose a fine that would have driven the theater out of business. They used a state law aimed at preventing booze from being sold in strip clubs. Brewvies sued, represented by former SLC mayor and civil rights lawyer Rocky Anderson. The theater won, and even forced the state of Utah to pay its legal bills.

So this poster for the new Deadpool movie may damn well be offensive to some Mormons, but they completely deserve it for letting their church and its state of Utah lackeys try to impose their puritanical religious beliefs about booze and movies on everyone else via state law and jackbooted Mormon police state thugs -- in complete violation of the First Amendment rights of people in Utah.

Hooray to Deadpool's marketing team for this great poster for sticking it to the Utahistani Mormon Utaliban!