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Womens Future Benefit is a Fair Trade nonprofit working to help women, orphans and disabled in Developing Nations. Our Mission is to break the cycle of poverty for those we serve through the use of Fair Trade connections.

This may seem to be a weird 'petition' but it seems to be the only way we can post this for our Cause.

We are asking people who are interested in learning more about our work and our Cause to sign up for our Newsletter.

So, the signatures we are looking for are for people who want to read and learn more about Womens Future Benefit.

To sign up, please click this link:


If you think your friends would like to join our Cause, or if you haven't already, please check us out, share with your friends and social sites. Basically, please help us to spread the word about our work.

Thank you so much for your time and interest.

Womens Future Benefit

Letter to
Pres/CEO of Womens Future Benefit Kathryn Elsayed
I want to sign up for Womens Future Benefit's Newsletter and to learn more about what they do and who they serve. I am signing up to get this and hope that this petition idea really helps me to get my Newsletter Subscription hooked up. If not, please note my name and email so you can sign me up manually. Thanks cuz I just can't wait to read your latest stuff.

A Supporter.