HALT ANDREW BOLT - Children are NOT at fault.

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HALT ANDREW BOLT - Children are not at fault.

Andrew Bolt has waded into another child sexual abuse case, this time saying that a 15-year-old boy who was groomed by a sexual predator was just being “hit on”. Apparently not content with being a cheerleader for just one high profile sexual abuser Pell, Bolt made the comments while talking about the St Kevin’s College scandal with The Australian columnist Gerard Henderson.

Andrew Bolt, adults are responsible for protecting children from being “hit on” in any way shape or form. Child sexual abuse is abominable and illegal. Fullstop. Australia still has a long way to go in being educated about preventing this unacceptable predatory behaviour. Your comments are contrary to this. Public perception matters and your voice should be decrying the crime, exposed through the boys’ bravery to speak out, and proper investigative journalism by ABC 4 Corners. 

Resign in disgrace. Newscorp your action to sack Bolt must be ethical and swift. Sponsors similarly.