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Reinstate Gabriel Morales as an instructor at NewSchool

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As some may have heard, Gabriel Morales will not be returning as an instructor to NewSchool in the fall. This decision by administration negatively impacts the educational environment of the institution and is inconsistent with the school's mission, vision and value statements.

Diversity of opinions and philosophies is essential for healthy academic discourse. By silencing outspoken opinions and closing our minds to new ideas and methods of architectural exploration, we only limit the level of conversation we are able to have. NewSchool should be a place where ideas are rigorously explored as an open dialogue focusing on the advancement of architecture for the benefit of society.

Gabriel provides an opportunity for students to explore Avant Garde and Parametric methods of design. This has included, but is not limited to the architectural theory and practice of scripting, material computation, fabrication, digital techtoniques, systems theory, design sensitivities and beauty. The computer becomes more than a means to expedite the recording of what was once achieved only with one's hands, and instead becomes the source by which the architect has total freedom to design.

As designer Bruce Mau states in Massive Change, “One thing is for certain: we don't need a thought police. We need discussion. We need thinking. We need critical faculties. We need to embrace the dilemmas and conflicts in design, and take responsibility for the outcomes of our work”.

If you agree, please sign this petition to bring back Gabriel and to help make NewSchool a truly innovative, open-minded, and intellectually supportive environment in which to learn.


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