Stop news bias, give us neutral reporting

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The news media plays a vital role in keeping American citizens informed of current events in order to make important decisions. Their role is to provide the public with accurate and transparent coverage of important stories in a neutral manner.  They should not take sides when doing straight reporting. However, too many journalists use their position in media to push their own agenda to support a cause or a political party.  This advocacy journalism is pervasive in most national news (tv, radio, print & online) and it is difficult to differentiate between fact & opinion.  This sensationalized and biased reporting is manipulative and insulting to the American people and I feel it every time I see it - whether it be left or right leaning reporting.

Few journalists are held accountable for one sided reporting.  The media companies benefit from biased and sensationalized reporting because it sells more advertisement and the polarization keeps their audience in place.  Politicians benefit from this arrangement because they have an ally/advocate for their cause - they simply show up at their preferred news outlet and together they will deliver a well crafted and consistent message.  It is the American people who are left with little value in this equation. We are continuously offered pre-packaged talking points and conclusions which leave little room for working through our own individual thought processes.

This matters because biased reporting keeps the power in the hands of the elite media rather than with American citizens.  This goes to the core of who we are as a country where freedom of thought is our most important virtue.

We call on leaders of national news organizations to declare there is a systemic problem of biased reporting and move their organizations toward neutrality.  Specifically that  they publish and enforce guidelines which motivate journalists to minimize their bias and provide different perspectives of a given issue with equal enthusiasm regardless of their personal opinion. Also to clearly delineate straight reporting from opinion, so the two are not mixed.

Trust of U.S. news is at an all time low. If we ignore this problem our country will continue down a path of polarization and disenfranchisement. We desperately need reliable, accurate and transparent news that supports free thought.


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