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Stop Deadnaming Trans People In the Press

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Constantly, when a transgender person is mentioned in the media, we find out their deadname. Deadname, in this context, means "The birth name of a person who has since changed their name (especially a transgender person)". This can be incredibly disrespectful to trans people and gives the message that the media don't care about name changes and therefore, don't fully respect them as a person.

We often see it, where a trans person has unfortunately died and therefore has no say in what name is reported. A recent example is The Independent and their reporting of Ally Lee Steinfeld. They wrote "Steinfeld, who was born as [Deadname]" (Source:  This is not only disrespecting her chosen name, but has no clear purpose.

And this is not the first time this has been done. A report on Chelsea Manning, who is very much alive and breathing, has had this happen numerous times. She changed her name and, I'm assuming, doesn't want her deadname to be mentioned. However, thanks to the press, anyone who reads an article on her will be reminded of what her name was. (Example:

So, press all over the world, I urge you, please use people's chosen names out of simple respect for the person you are reporting about, and trans people around the world.

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