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Do you want Dogecoin over Bitcoin to improve the economy & remove poverty in future?

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With increase in Bitcoin price, many people got their amount 10000X in just 3 years. But did they really need for money? Did they feel hunger like the people who are suffering?

I would suggest every person or average who is needy, to have some doge coin in their wallet and sign this petition for more awareness.

Donation cannot make someone happy. But one change can remove all the poverty for our country.

Make a dogecoin wallet and bought minimum amount or as per you wish, then Store it for those needy ones who really dont know anything technical nor they have any expertise in it due to the fact that they are poor.

 And it will not be free, you will all get your money with increase in dogecoin price but always remember to give 10-30% of your profit to those who are really need of money.

What should we do to make it happen?

We can create an awareness of Dogecoin in our networks, so that the coin price will go up. And you will be getting to see that in the coinmarketcap itself.

Make sure to buy and store the coins from the dogecoin official website.

If possible, please create an awareness in front of the poor people so that they can use it. Or you can even donate some of the  dogecoins to some particular families.

It will be always better to give Dogecoin other than our own currency coins. 

So be the change and change the world.

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