Ban Zee news for misinterpretation and biased reporting of BHU Protest of September 2017.

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Zee News reported biasedly the sensitive issue of BHU Protest Case on 25 April 2018. In order to unrest the peace studying environment of BHU. The students ignored this report as Sudhir Chaudhary, the self proclaimed Best News's Anchor was reporting this. But he didn't stop his nuissance and continued reporting daily without any issues currently, He tried to propagate unrest among the students, and he during that reporting too conceal the main incidents but reported biasedly in the name of report which was not fully publicise yet or discussed 3 months ago.

This News channel not only reported existing similar students but discussed about the fact without any proofs. It got run 1st may and after that too and they created a moment of unrest somewhere. I request the BHU Students  all to coperate and dont protest but study hard, but News channel is now the medium of propagation of same and definite ideology.

so, why Zee News is showing the incomplete and biased news daily and reported on several past weeks.

so we want atleast  ban for such news channels.