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Gaza is collapsing..where are the human rights..

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Gaza, a small Palestinian city, where more than two million people live!

Besieged from all sides, from land, sea, and air, "Arab, Israeli and American siege."

Small Gaza where Palestinians are living refugees who have been displaced from their country occupied by Israel.

There are thousands of patients and humanitarian cases need to travel for treatment, all crossings are closed.

No travel, no life, nothing, everything collapses,
Where are human rights, where are international organizations, where are international courts!
Gaza has gone through three wars "2008, 2009, 2012,2014".
Every day the children, women and men of Palestine are subjected to arrest, murder and displacement!
Palestinian resistance is a legitimate right of the Palestinian people of all kinds. The Palestinian resistance must be supported in order to defend the Palestinian people and repel the occupation.
There must be a united position in order to stand by besieged Gaza.
The pictures and videos that are published every day summarize the story of pain and pain there.
We must stop supporting the Israeli occupation that commits massacres against the Palestinian people.
Gaza deserves life, Gaza deserves full support, Gaza deserves to defend it.
The occupation must leave the land of the Palestinians.
You must move to stand before your responsibilities towards Gaza and the oppressed people of Palestine.

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