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Apologize and remove the "Wild" connotation from the original report.

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News 12 decisions to use the title “Wild” to report the peaceful and orderly protest against Haiti’s President Michel Martelly’s speech at Brooklyn College was offensive. I was present at the rally and was inside during the President’s speech, there was not a single moment that could have been described and reported as “Wild” by News 12, or any other news channel. As a student activist, I am sensitive to how Haiti and Haitians have been portrayed in the media outlet historically and presently, and it has not been in the best of light. The media’s representation of Haiti has been very problematic. Haitians and others in solidarity wish News 12 would not be a part of the media platform that continue to unwisely portrayed Haitians inadequately. We demand an apology from News 12 and the word “Wild” taken off the original report of the protest, it it is the wrong connotation to use. This is NOT an Anti or Pro President Martelly petition, but a petition to hold News 12 and any other News media outlet up to their responsibility to report Haiti and Haitians professionally and responsibly.

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Jean Menesky Magloire needs your help with “NEWS 12 using the title "Wild" to report peaceful protest by Haitians.: Apologize and remove the "Wild" connotation from the original report.”. Join Jean Menesky and 56 supporters today.