Stop Car Parking Charges at the Glebelands


Stop Car Parking Charges at the Glebelands

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Mike Enea started this petition to Newport City Council

PETITION: Stop planned Car Parking Charges for the Glebelands.

Over the last two years, Newport City Council have been slowly introducing Car Parking Charges at Council Parks across our City. Belle Vue Park, the Fourteen Locks and Tredegar Park.

Even Newport’s Wetlands has been hit.

Tredegar Park, in particular, has seen visitors parking in nearby residential side streets to avoid paying the fees. In streets like Park Close, Park Drive and Park Avenue. During the summer months in particular, the situation is horrendous.

Car parking charges in the Glebelands would be utterly ridiculous. There is one small road in-and-out of the Park and the entrance is surrounded by numerous residential side streets. Bank Street, Stockton Road, Sutton Road, Darlington Court and Durham Road - all would be impacted greatly with park visitors - parking in these nearby streets. Parking is already a major problem in these streets.

The Glebelands is home to Glan Usk Primary School. It is home to a Rugby Club and Bowling Centre. It attracts thousands of visitors for football matches on it’s pitches. Thousands more every year visit the Park with their children or to simply enjoy the scenery and fresh air.

In a St.Julians Community Ward Meeting (in May 2018) - our local Labour Councillor was challenged to ‘rule out’ car parking charges at the Glebelands. He ‘point blank’ refused. He suggested people should walk to the Park. This shows a complete lack of understanding of our society and demographics.

Obesity is a major issue in society today. Exercise is important, especially for young children during their early years. Parents should not be deterred or penalised with charges if they want to drive to the park. It is totally unreasonable to ask single parents with two or three young children (maybe living in Caerleon, Shaftesbury or Malpas) to walk two or three miles to visit the Glebelands with their young toddlers in tow - the child would be tired and worn out even before they reach the park.

And. What of the elderly? Would be they be penalised for parking at the Glebelands to enjoy a short stroll?

In January 2019, local community campaigner Michael Enea ran an online video warning of the dangers of car parking charges at the Glebelands. The video reached over 70,000 people across Newport and was watched by over 35,000. Support for the campaign is extremely strong. It is clear. The public - overwhelmingly - do NOT want these car unjust and unfair parking charges.

We already pay a fortune in Council Tax. Even though the Council is set to receive the biggest budget increase in Wales from the Welsh Government, they still want to increase your Council by 5% this year. That’s almost £60 extra for the average household across the City.

These car parking charges are nothing more than ‘stealth taxes’. It’s penny pinching from hard up families and is disgraceful. It needs to stop.

Please sign this petition and share. We must stop Newport City Council from introducing these outrageous car parking charges.

To Newport Council. Stop these charges.

Yours Sincerely,

Michael Enea, Vikky Howells-Cook, Marie Jermyn and Louisa Bullock.

Local Campaign Office Address:- 153 Buttermere Way, St.Julians, Newport. NP19 7BL.


This petition made change with 517 supporters!

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